Partner Smart Office

Office 365 customers are provided with many tools to help improve their security practices; however, many do not take advantage of the tools. To help customers manage security threats, Microsoft partners need a way to streamline and aggregate security information across their entire customer base. A new open source solution called Partner Smart Office facilitates aggregation of information on customers with subscriptions obtained through an Enterprise Agreement or the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program.

Partner Smart Office imports and aggregates information obtained from the Intelligent Security Graph and Office 365 Secure Score, enabling partners to take advantage of advanced analytics. These analytics are able to link threat intelligence and security data to provide insights that can strengthen a customer’s organizational security. Now, partners can also view security data across all of their customers at once.

Secure Score is a numerical summary of a given customer’s security posture within Office 365 based on system configurations, user behavior, and other security-related measurements. It represents the extent to which the customer has adopted security controls available in Office 365, which can help offset the risk of being breached. (No online service is completely immune from security breaches; Secure Score should not be interpreted as a guarantee against security breach in any manner).

In addition to Secure Score information, data from the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph for each configured environment is aggregated into a central repository. This provides access to  alerts from Azure Security Center and Azure Active Directory Identity Protection. With this information partners are able to gain complete insights into the security posture for their customers.

If you are interested in gaining additional security insights for your customers, that allow you to craft targeted offers the I would like to encourage you to deploy Partner Smart Office. To learn more about deploying this solution check out the deployment documentation.